Shipping Policy & Terms and Conditions

Shipping & Ordering Policy


  • Orders may take up to 3 days to process after payments have been cleared.
  • Payments received Wednesday (noon and after EST), Thursday, and Friday, orders will ship on Monday of the upcoming week
  • Payments received on Saturday and Sunday, orders will be ship on Tuesday of the upcoming week
  • Customers are responsible for providing a safe and accurate shipping address to deliver, please double check your address in your order confirmation.
  • We will not give refunds for orders where Fedex has determined there’s no safe location to leave package.
  • Ocean Devotion is not responsible for unfortunate events such as misplaced, lost or stolen packages, during the time of transit. Under all circumstances FedEx is responsible. We will do our best to assist all customers regarding missing packages.
  • Ocean Devotion has no control over delays of package during the shipping process.  You would need to contact FedEx customer service to help answer and track your order.  We will do our best to assist all customers with obtaining transit information of your order.
  • All claims will be thoroughly reviewed case by case; claims may take up to 3 weeks to process. Once FedEx responds to your claim, we will be able to take further proper actions to resolve this mishap. Until then, your patience is much appreciated as we work with the shipping carrier(s).
  • Filing a claim does not guarantee Fed Ex to partially or fully compensate/reimburse you for your lost/stolen package, but we will do our best to assist you through the process.


  • Orders will be shipped to the address given at checkout.
  • Ocean Devotion DOES NOT ship to P.O. Box address.
  • Livestock WILL NOT be shipped to APO/FPO addresses.
  • Ocean Devotion WILL NOT refund orders that were given insufficient, inaccurate, or invalid address.
  • NO REFUND on shipping cost for any reasons.


  • Shipping In State in California is flat $50 for Fedex Overnight.
  • Out of State is flat $75.00 for Fedex Overnight.
  • We do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands or military bases.


  • All sales are final.
  • No exchange.
  • No guarantees on color accuracy for colors may slightly vary from WYSIWYG items due to your light fixtures, settings, and tank environment.
  • No refund for any deaths that occurs during or after your acclimation process.

DOA Policy

  • Photos of any DOAs must be sent to us via email within 2hr of delivery confirmation by carrier. After receiving photos we will advise what to do with the DOAs, do not discard until instructed. If DOAs are confirmed by us and photos sent within 2 hr we will issue a store credit for the total purchase price minus any shipping charges. Often we are able to replace the DOAs with the same or similar items plus shipping costs. Failure to notify us within the 2hr time period will void any guarantees. No refunds will be given, only store credit.
  • All fish orders must have video of the unopened box being cut open and the unopened bag showing the DOA fish.
  • We are not responsible for DOAs due to carrier delay.
  • No refunds of shipping charges will be issued.
  • If we are unable to replace your DOA with a comparable item we will credit your account for the full purchase price of the item as a credit on our website.
  • Please ASK any questions about our DOA policy before ordering.

Terms and Conditions

Ocean Devotion is always happy to pick up anything you may need from wholesale that isn't listed on our site. Oftentimes, people choose to do their own quarantine or take a risk and add said specimen right into the display tank. While we do not advocate for it, it’s entirely our customers choice, and we cannot take responsibility for any items once taken by our customer. If a fish hasn’t been through our systems and intensive quarantine process, it’s hard for us to stand behind that particular product's long term health. 

Quarantine fish are put through an extensive quarantine and observation period. We recommend that when receiving any fish from us, place it in an observation tank before adding to your main tank.  While we are very thorough, no process is perfect. Anyone who tells you it is, is not being honest. While we continue to make amazing progress in the hobby, diseases evolve and in some cases adapt and can grow resistant to some treatments. This,  along with human error, is the reason we ask customers to observe their new fish if possible. We are not responsible for any issues that occur within your system as we are not there to directly observe. It is impossible for us to know what has been done properly with other fish and additions to your system.